In case you missed it... Tech Updates November 2020

We work hard to bring you a continually better user experience on Sefaria. Here is a roundup of some tech and product updates we have made during the second half of 2020.

Saving Your Place in Search Results

Tired of losing your place in search results after viewing a text? Now, when you click back, you'll end up at the same part of the results page that you were previously reading.

Even More Related Web Pages in the Sidebar

Looking for interesting perspectives on the texts you're reading? You can now access even more related web content directly from the resource panel. Find web pages from 40 outside organizations (and counting!) connected to Sefaria library texts. Just click on a verse, scroll down in the resource panel to "Web Pages," and visit the pages that pique your curiosity.

App Updates

Check out the latest Sefaria app updates on our App Updates - November 2020 page.