App Updates - November 2020

We want you to have the best on-the-go Torah experience, and over the last year, we’ve made several improvements to our app to make that happen. While we’re always fixing bugs and maintaining the app, here are a few more extensive updates from 2020 so far.

Dictionaries on the iOS app

You can now select specific Hebrew and Aramaic words directly from the text to see the definition. Press and hold a word or phrase (move the corners to refine your selection) and click Define to bring up the definition in the resource panel. This feature is not currently available on Android.

Find connected sheets

You can now find user-created sheets — including your own — connected to the text you’re reading. See the resource panel by tapping on the text and scroll down to Sheets to browse connected content.

Easily find English commentaries

We just added English translation markers — [EN] — to help you know which commentaries and connections are available in English in advance.

Ashkenazi or Sephardi?

You can now adjust your settings to show you the weekly Haftarot based on either Ashkenazi or Sephardi custom.

A better download experience

You asked us to make downloading the library on the app easier for offline reading, and we listened. Your download experience should now be uninterrupted and much faster.

Make sure you update your app to the most recent version to access all these features.

Let us know how (and where) you’ve been enjoying the Sefaria app by using the Feedback button on the app or emailing [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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