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Finding great Passover material:

  1. The Ashkenazic Haggadah and the Edot HaMizrach Haggadah - with lots of commentaries
  2. Seder on Sefaria - A collection of virtual mock seder activities meant to educate, engage, and connect people around Passover prep and the seder.
  3. DIY Haggadah - Step-by-step instructions for making your own Haggadah. Great for families and communities.
  4. Topics pages - Each topic page lists texts, sheets and related topics. To find a topic page:
    1. Type a keyword into the search bar and click on the word, prefaced by a #, in the dropdown menu.
    2. Type #Keyword in the search bar and press "Enter". Remember to capitalize the keyword. Ex. #Seder
    3. From the library page, find a topic that interests you or click "All topics" and type a keyword where it says "Search Topics".
  5. Sheets and Web pages - Choose from hundreds of sheets and web pages that are connected to your chosen text.
    1. Click on the passage of text to open the resource panel (side bar).
    2. Select "Sheets" or "Web pages" to access a list of related material.
  6. Public collections - Collections of sheets curated by fellow Sefaria learners.
    1. Pictures Tell: The Passover Haggadah - Sheets that pair photographer Zion Ozeri’s images with key Haggadah texts to help illuminate both.
    2. The Fours of Passover - Source sheets exploring things that come in fours during Passover, chosen by Sefaria co-founder and CTO Brett Lockspeiser.
  7. Paths to Freedom - Explore mystical perspectives on Passover with four email lessons from Rabbi Ami Silver, a scholar of Kabbalistic and Chasidic teachings.

Upcoming event - Torah and Toffee with Rebekah Lowin and Sara Wolkenfeld

Thursday, March 11, 8pm EST

Together with Sefaria's Chief Learning Officer Sara Wolkenfeld, lifestyle blogger Rebekah Lowin will share some reflections on the deeper meanings behind matzah and how they connect to her work. She will then demonstrate how to make her beautiful and delicious matzah toffee name cards, a new spin on a classic favorite, bringing to life some of these very teachings! You can join the event on YouTube Live or Instagram Live. If you'd like reminder emails and/or a recording, register here.

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