Got Him: The Naming of Cain

(א) וְהָ֣אָדָ֔ם יָדַ֖ע אֶת־חַוָּ֣ה אִשְׁתּ֑וֹ וַתַּ֙הַר֙ וַתֵּ֣לֶד אֶת־קַ֔יִן וַתֹּ֕אמֶר קָנִ֥יתִי אִ֖ישׁ אֶת־יְהֹוָֽה׃

And the man knew Ḥavva his wife; and she conceived, and bore Qayin saying, I have acquired a manchild from the Lord.

Is the reason Cain is named 'Acquired' or 'Got him' as a given name because Eve (and Adam) had received a man (not an infant boy)?

And is the identity of the man received by Eve, God Himself?

What does it mean for Eve to say she has received this man after the events of Genesis chapter 3?

Was any man promised to Eve, and if so, who is he?

Most modern translations of the hebrew add words when translating this verse, or introduce a whole new sense to what's being said here to make it sound like Cain is named 'Cain' because God gave Cain to Eve. But let's look at an ancient translation, and a closer look at the hebrew again, and then connect it to similar titles in other passages and promises in the Tanakh:

וְאָדָם יְדַע יַת חַוָה אִיתְּתֵיהּ דַהֲוָה חֲמֵידַת לְמַלְאָכָא וְאַעֲדִיאַת וִילֵידַת יַת קַיִן וַאֲמָרַת קָנִיתִי לְגַבְרָא יַת מַלְאָכָא דַיְיָ

And Adam knew Hava his wife, who had desired the Angel; and she conceived, and bare Kain; and she said, I have acquired a man, the Angel of the Lord.

Here in the aramaic Targum (Pseudo) Jonathan on Genesis it phrases things a little differently, there is mention of an Angel (or Messenger). It says Eve desired this Angel, and names her firstborn after the fact that she acquired this messenger, and the identity is the Angel of the Lord.

This makes sense if this man who Eve (and Adam) have now acquired and possess, the Angel (or Messenger) of Adonay, is Adonay like the hebrew suggests. That's how the original hebrew makes sense in light of the aramaic Targum.

וְהָ֣אָדָ֔ם יָדַ֖ע אֶת־חַוָּ֣ה אִשְׁתּ֑ו
וַתַּ֙הַר֙ וַתֵּ֣לֶד אֶת־קַ֔יִן
וַתֹּ֕אמֶר קָנִ֥יתִי אִ֖ישׁ אֶת־יְהֹוָֽה׃

Interpretation (paraphrase):

And Adam experienced his wife: Eve.
And conceived and bore: Cain.

and said, “I have acquired a man: Adonay.”

Related Texts:

וְאֵיבָ֣ה ׀ אָשִׁ֗ית בֵּֽינְךָ֙ וּבֵ֣ין הָֽאִשָּׁ֔ה וּבֵ֥ין זַרְעֲךָ֖ וּבֵ֣ין זַרְעָ֑הּ ה֚וּא יְשׁוּפְךָ֣ רֹ֔אשׁ וְאַתָּ֖ה תְּשׁוּפֶ֥נּוּ עָקֵֽב׃

And enmity I will put between you and between the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel.

וּדְבָבוּ אֵישַׁוֵי בֵּינָךְ וּבֵין אִתְּתָא בֵּין זַרְעֲיַת בְנָךְ וּבֵין זַרְעֲיַת בְּנָהָא וִיהֵי כַּד יְהוֹן בְּנָהָא דְאִתָּא נַטְרִין מִצְוָתָא דְאוֹרַיְיתָא יֶהֱוְיַן מְכַוְונִין וּמַחְיָין יָתָךְ עַל רֵישָׁךְ וְכַד שַׁבְקִין מִצְוָותָא דְאוֹרַיְיתָא תֶּהֱוֵי מִתְכַוֵין וּנְכִית יַתְהוֹן בְּעִקְבֵהוֹן בְּרַם לְהוֹן יְהֵא אָסוּ וְלָךְ לָא יְהֵי אָסוּ וַעֲתִידִין אִינוּן לְמֶעֱבַד שְׁפִיוּתָא בְּעִיקְבָא בְּיוֹמֵי מַלְכָּא מְשִׁיחָא

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between the seed of thy son, and the seed of her sons; and it shall be when the sons of the woman keep the commandments of the law, they will be prepared to smite thee upon thy head; but when they forsake the commandments of the law, thou wilt be ready to wound them in their heel. Nevertheless for them there shall be a medicine, but for thee there will be no medicine; and they shall make a remedy for the heel in the days of the King Meshiha.

יְֽהֹוָ֗ה קָ֭נָנִי רֵאשִׁ֣ית דַּרְכּ֑וֹ קֶ֖דֶם מִפְעָלָ֣יו מֵאָֽז׃

Adonay possessed me at the beginning of His way. Before His works from then.

(לם רבה) [לְמַרְבֵּ֨ה] הַמִּשְׂרָ֜ה וּלְשָׁל֣וֹם אֵֽין־קֵ֗ץ עַל־כִּסֵּ֤א דָוִד֙ וְעַל־מַמְלַכְתּ֔וֹ לְהָכִ֤ין אֹתָהּ֙ וּֽלְסַעֲדָ֔הּ בְּמִשְׁפָּ֖ט וּבִצְדָקָ֑ה מֵעַתָּה֙ וְעַד־עוֹלָ֔ם קִנְאַ֛ת יְהֹוָ֥ה צְבָא֖וֹת תַּעֲשֶׂה־זֹּֽאת׃

for the increase of the realm and for peace without end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice: from henceforth for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts performs this.

כִּ֛י לֹ֥א תִֽשְׁתַּחֲוֶ֖ה לְאֵ֣ל אַחֵ֑ר כִּ֤י יְהֹוָה֙ קַנָּ֣א שְׁמ֔וֹ אֵ֥ל קַנָּ֖א הֽוּא׃

For: You are not to bow down to any other god!
Zealous-One is his name,
a zealous God is he!