Parashat Vayeitzei: Haftarah
Illustration credit: Rebecca Kerzner

Haftarah הַפְטָרָה

There are different customs about which part of the Book of Hoshea to read as this week’s haftarah, but both connect explicitly to Vayeitzei. Sepharadim read a section that mentions Yaakov grabbing his brother’s heel in their mother’s womb, and then growing up to struggle with an angel (Hoshea 12:4-5). Ashkenazim read a part where Hoshea mentions Yaakov running away from home and working hard for a wife (Hoshea 12:13).
Both haftarot contain a menagerie of animals! Can you find all these?
  • נָמֵר = (namer, leopard)
  • צִפּוֹר = (tzippor, bird)
  • לָבִיא = (lavi, lion)
  • אַרְיֵה = (aryeh, lion)
  • דֹב = (dov, bear)
  • שׁוֹר = (shor, ox)
  • שָׁחַל = (shahal, lion)
  • יוֹנָה = (yonah, dove)
  • סוּס = (soos, horse)
  • עֵגֶל = (eigel, calf)
  • פַּר = (par, bull)