In case you missed it... Tech Updates – 2022
We work hard to bring you a continually better user experience on Sefaria. Here is a roundup of some tech and product updates we have made at the end of 2021 and into 2022. Click on an item below or scroll down to see some exciting updates.

Search in Book

You can now search for a word or phrase within a specific text. Open a book on Sefaria, click anywhere within the text to access the resource panel, and select 'Search in this Text.' A list of matches will pop up with direct links to each verse.

Language Pages

Our new language-specific pages list all of the texts available on Sefaria in that language — including English, German, Russian, Yiddish, and more. Instead of pulling up a single text a time to see if a translation is available, now you can get a full view of offerings in a preferred language in one place. See the full list of languages available under 'Translations' on our homepage.

Commentary Descriptions

Another update to the resource panel that pops up when you click anywhere on a page of text: now when you select ‘Commentary,’ you’ll see a list of available commentaries, now with short descriptions to orient you.

Torah Tracker

Curious to look back at what you've been reading on Sefaria? When you're logged into your Sefaria account, you can track your learning history, including how many texts you've read, how many sheets you've created, your favorite texts, how much you've read from each category (Tanakh, Talmud, etc.) and how your reading habits compare to the average Sefaria user. Just go to your profile and click on "Torah Tracker."

Updated Preview Images

Now when a Sefaria link is shared online, including on social media or many other platforms, the preview will automatically show a visually pleasing image of the quoted text on a background colored to match the source.

Links Between the Siddur and Tanakh

The Siddur and Tanakh are now cross-linked, to help you see even more intertextual connections between sources. It's a great new way to facilitate study and discover something new in familiar words.

Topic Results in Search

We've updated our search to give you more information on what you're looking for. Now when you search for a source, you will be able to see topic pages alongside the usual texts and source sheets.

Talmudic and Tanakh Biographies from Mishnah and Talmud

Curious about the personalities you encounter in the Mishnah and Talmud? We’ve updated our Rabbinic Biography feature to include figures from Tanakh — when the resource panel is open, you can now click any name in the Mishnah or Talmud to find details about the characters. (Note: This feature is currently available on the web version only.)

Links to Dictionary Entries

Did you know you can easily search definitions in the resource panel? When the resource panel is open, you can double-click or highlight any text in our library; the information will show up in the resource panel for you to explore, and now the link will automatically update for you to share. You can invite your study partners to join your discovery! (Note: This feature is currently available on the web version only.)

Translation Language Preferences

Wish you could automatically find translations in a particular language? One of our latest account settings from 2021 lets you choose a default language for source translations when they're available in our library — you can find texts in English, Spanish, French, and German more easily than ever! Check out the details.

Table of Contents in the Resource Panel

Wish you could access a text’s table of contents without interrupting your learning? Now you can find the table of contents information in the resource panel! Simply click on the title of the work and look for the Table of Contents beneath “About this Text.” You can also identify corresponding Torah Portions for any given verse in the Torah with the updated Table of Contents feature. (Note: This feature is currently available on the web version only.)

Topic Links to the NLI

Links to the National Library of Israel have been newly added to some of our popular Author and Topic pages! Discover new connections with these additional resources. (Note: This feature is currently available on the web version only.)

Punctuation & Vowel Toggle for Talmud

Back by popular demand — you can now customize the vocalization settings for some Talmud texts. As we continue to add vowels to Talmud tractates along with the daily Talmud schedule, we honor our community by empowering you to choose the settings that best support your learning experiences.

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