Welcome to the New Sefaria

July 25, 2021

Torah is our collective inheritance, and Sefaria is here to make it free and accessible to all. But accessibility is more than just being able to physically access the texts — we want everyone, of every background, to feel at home and confident in navigating the texts of our tradition. To bring us all closer to that ideal, we’ve completely redesigned how you navigate the Sefaria website.

Whether you’re an experienced learner, a newcomer to Torah, or somewhere in between, we hope these updates will help you find new ways to engage with the library and deepen your Jewish learning.

Text Descriptions

No matter how much Torah knowledge you have, there's always something new to discover as you browse the library with our new text and category descriptions.

Topic Pages

Did you know you can explore the library by topic? Our Topic Pages are organized for you to easily discover resources on everything from love to animals to free will — ready for you to follow your curiosity.

Community Page

Join the conversation! The new Community page is updated DAILY with timely user-created resources. Browse for inspiration, then create something of your own to share with the community.

We encourage you to explore the new Sefaria experience. If you need additional help in learning how to navigate, check out this FAQ page. This redesign isn’t on the apps, but be sure to check out the new mobile web experience.

Sefaria is here to empower all learners to engage meaningfully with the core texts of our tradition. Thank you for helping us advance the future of Jewish learning.

Note: This is just the beginning of a new Sefaria experience. As we work to refine and advance Sefaria even more, please help us identify issues by reporting any bugs and glitches or leaving us feedback about the redesign.