Sheets on Sefaria Webinar January 2021
Lizzie Frankel - Communications & Marketing Associate
Chava Tzemach - Sr. Communications & Marketing Manager​​​​​​​
Help resources
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Important links
  1. What is a Sefaria sheet?
  2. Before you get started
  3. Creating a sheet
  4. Adding material to your sheet
  5. Editing and Formatting your sheet
  6. Sharing your sheet
  7. Printing a sheet - There are two choices for printing
  8. For answers to all things Sefaria, check out our Sefaria FAQs sheets.
  9. Sefaria offers free webinars. Click on the link to learn about and register for upcoming webinars for learners.
  10. To learn how you can support Sefaria, click here.