Sefaria 101 Webinar January 2021

Lizzie Frankel - Communications & Marketing Associate

Loren Berman - Engagement Associate

Help resources

  1. What is Sefaria?

    • At Sefaria we are building an extensive library of Jewish texts and the tools to go with it.

    • Sefaria was launched in 2013 and the library has grown to over 250 million words.

    • Usership continues to grow. Sefaria is currently being visited by approximately 500,000 individual users a month!

    • Learn more about Sefaria's history and mission.

  2. Finding texts on Sefaria

  3. Using the resource panel

  4. Using Sefaria's Topics feature

    • With Sefaria’s Topics feature, you can search a topic keyword and Sefaria will show you the most relevant sources, user-created sheets, and related topics — all in one place.

    • You can access Topics in a variety of ways:

      1. Find popular topic categories in the Topics section of the library page.

      2. Type a keyword or topic into the search bar and find the result with # before it to navigate to the topic’s page.

    • Learn more with our Topics tutorial.

  5. Sheets are created by Sefaria users and draw together sources, outside texts, and media.

    • Sheets can always be edited, they can be collaborative, and they can be made public to share with the Sefaria community.

    • You can access sheets in a variety of ways:

      1. Click on a passage to bring up the resource panel. From there, click on "Sheets" to access all of the public sheets connected to the text that you are looking at.

      2. Find sheets on Topics pages.

    • Learn more on the Sheets FAQ page.

  6. Sefaria accounts

  7. Resources for rabbis and educators

  8. Closing items
  9. Thank you for coming to today's webinar! We're grateful to have you in the Sefaria community.