2021: New Year, New Texts
Every day, our Sefaria team works on adding new texts and translations to the Sefaria library. As we enter 2021, here are a few new additions we're particularly excited to share with you:
Want to read Rashi's commentary in English? We're now pleased to offer an English translation of all of Rashi's commentary on Tanakh. Previously, we offered English translation for Rashi on Torah, early Prophets, and Megillot. We've now added Rashi's commentary in English for the rest of Prophets and Writings so you can have Rashi as your companion throughout all of Tanakh.
You can now read R. Chaim of Volozhin’s major work Nefesh HaChayim ("Living Soul") in English on Sefaria, translated by Leonard Moskowitz. Nefesh HaChayim presents a Kabbalistic philosophy that addresses many of the same issues as ‎the Hasidic texts of the day, such as the nature of God, the secrets of ‎prayer, and the importance of Torah.
Curious to learn more about the rabbis mentioned in the Talmud? As you read, our newest Sefaria website feature allows you to click on any Talmudic rabbi’s name to pull up their biography in the resource panel – right next to the Talmud passage.
New Hebrew Texts
  • Rav Yehoshua Hartman's Edition of Maharal's Works: R. Hartman's editions of Maharal's Derech Chaim, Ohr Chadash, Be'er HaGolah, and Ner Mitzvah. Also available: R. Hartman's footnotes and discussions of these works. Stay tuned for more additions this year!
  • Six new commentaries on Midrash Rabbah: Rashi on Bereshit Rabbah, Yefeh To'ar, Matnot Kehunah, Perush Maharzu, Yedei Moshe, and Mishnat DeRabbi Eliezer.
  • Hegyonei Uziel: Discourses in Jewish thought and issues of Judaism in the modern era, by Rav Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel, the first Sephardi Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel.
  • Mishpetei Uziel: Responsa of Rav Uziel (see above).
  • LaKelal VeLaPerat: Responsa by the late Rav Yitzhak Nissim, formerly the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel.
  • Ohev Ger: Shadal's glosses on Onkelos.
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We hope you take some time in the new year to explore new texts and discover more of the interconnections between Jewish texts spanning centuries. What would you like to read next? Use this form to share your text requests! We look forward to growing our library with you this year.