Coming of Age in the Digital Age

How might we inspire and empower teens to take ownership over Torah? How might we provide a compelling experience of study that will encourage them to continue beyond their Bar/Bat Mitzvah weekend?

- Allow teens to explore sources, themes, and ideas (begin with the parsha, but go beyond)

- Empower them to take ownership by researching topics that interest them

- Pair text with audio and video

- Create a d'var Torah template that clearly outlines the expectations (they can easily learn how to make and format a sheet)

- Show them that their Torah can resonate for others

How might we support families and use this milestone to inspire them in their Jewish journeys?

- Create a collaborative sheet to send to friends and family who can't be there. People can add their thoughts, wishes and blessings for the bar/bat mitzvah, using images, text, or audio.

- Craft study guides and aides for family members

- Sharing insights with extended family and friends

- Working with and supporting students and families remotely