Great Things Come in Fours
On Passover, great things come in fours. We drink four cups of wine, tell the stories of four children, and ask four questions. In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Sefaria’s education team has four questions of our own to share, complete with materials to explore as you prepare for Passover. Each sheet pairs classical texts with fascinating images so that learners can explore some of the big ideas of Passover.
  • How might Passover inspire me to change the world? Let My People Go! Freedom and Oppression in Jewish History and Beyond explores the ways that the Passover seder speaks to oppressed people across time and space. This conversation starter combines the idea of feeling personally connected to the Exodus from Egypt with the story of the struggle to free Soviet Jewry.
  • How might matzah be meaningful to our lives today? From different traditions of matzah making to feeding the hungry, Matzah and Meaning-Making includes resources that can lead you and your students in a variety of directions as you study the bread of affliction.
  • What does it look like to learn new things? The rabbis of the Haggadah were masters at understanding that people learn in different ways and view the world with different perspectives. Four Children: Different Understandings, Different Ways to Learn uses the texts and a variety of images of the four children to help students can explore their individual approaches to learning.

DIY: Looking to create your own Passover resources? Create a haggadah with your class by adding student comments, interpretations, illustrations, and questions using our Ashkenazi Haggadah Template or Edot Hamizrach Haggadah Template. Just make a copy of the sheet to edit, add, or illustrate! Printing the haggadah and sending it home is an engaging way to showcase student work at each family’s seder.
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