The Table of Contents
Each work in the Sefaria library has a Table of Contents (TOC) which allows you to navigate easily through the work.
How do I find the TOC?
  • Clicking on the name of the book in the text homepage opens the TOC.
  • Typing the name of a book into the search bar and selecting the entry preceded by the book icon also opens the TOC.
  • Once inside a book, clicking “Table of Contents” in the resource panel will open the TOC. More information can be found on The Resource Panel.
  • On the app, tap on the name of the text at the top of the screen to open the table of contents.
How do I use the TOC to navigate through a text?
  • Click on the chapter number to open to a specific chapter.
  • Click on “Versions” to choose your preferred version.
What are some of the special features in the TOC?
The table of contents for Torah includes an option to navigate by Torah portion (parashah) and aliyah.
  • The Torah portions are located below the chapter indications.
  • The numbers (1-7) below each parashah name indicate the aliyot. Click on any number to open to that particular aliyah.
Click on the name of the parashah or the number of the aliyah.
Accessing the TOC in the Resource panel allows you to see in which parashah and aliyah the verse is situated.
The TOC for the Talmud allows you to choose between the Babylonian (Bavli) and Jerusalem (Yerushalmi) Talmuds.
Access two different structures of the Zohar, Daf (Vilna) and Essay (Sulam), in the TOC.