Parashat Vayishlah: Scavenger Hunt

Parashah Scavenger Hunt שְׁאֵלוֹת הַשָּׁבוּעַ

Welcome to Devash's Parashah Scavenger Hunt for Parashat Vayishlah!

Aliyah 1 (Bereishit 32:4-13)
  • How many men were marching with Esav?
  • How many camps did Yaakov divide his family into?
  • What stream did Yaakov and his family cross in the middle of the night?
  • What did Yaakov demand from the angel?
  • What name does Yaakov give to the place where he wrestled with the angel?
  • Who did Yaakov place last in the line when his family met Esav?
Aliyah 4 (Bereishit 33:6-20)
  • What is Esav’s home called?
  • What does Yaakov compare Esav’s face to?
  • Who died at a place called אַלּוֹן בָּכוּת (Alon Bakhut, Tree of Crying)?
  • Who names Yaakov’s youngest son, his father or his mother?
  • Where was Rahel buried?
Aliyah 7 (Bereishit 36:20-43)
  • What king of Edom has the same name as a king of Israel?
  • Which king had a name that rhymed with his father’s name?
Look anywhere in the parashah to find the answer to these questions!
  • What future enemy of Israel is Esav’s grandson? (Hint: look at Shemot 17)
  • Which name of a Jewish holiday makes a surprise appearance in our parashah?
  • Who in our parashah shares a name with an animal?
  • In our parashah, Yaakov says some words that sound a lot like the part of his body that got injured in his fight with the angel. What are these words?
  • How many times does Yaakov find out that his name will become Yisrael?
From the Haftarah (Ovadiah 1:1-21)
  • How many times does Esav appear in the haftarah?
Scroll down to see the answers!
Aliyah 1
Aliyah 2
Aliyah 3
  • Peniel
  • Rahel and Yosef (33:2)
Aliyah 4
  • Seir
  • The face of God (33:10)
Aliyah 5
  • Devorah (Rivkah’s nurse) (33:8)
Aliyah 6
  • Both! Rahel names him בֶּן אוֹנִי (Ben Oni, son of my affliction) and Yaakov names him בִּנְיָמִין (Binyamin, son of my right hand)
  • Beit Lehem (on the way to Efrat) (35:19)
Aliyah 7
  • Shaul
  • Hadad ben Bedad (36:35)
From anywhere in the parashah
  • Amalek
  • Sukkot
  • חֲמוֹר (Hamor = donkey), the leader of the city of Shekhem; דְּבוֹרָה (Devorah = bee), Rivkah’s nurse; and a special bonus: דִּישׁוֹן (Dishon = addax, a kind of antelope), an Edomite chieftain
  • Yaakov says to the angel: הַגִּידָה נָּא שְׁמֶךָ (hagidah na shemekha, please tell me your name) (32:29) and this sounds a lot like הַגִּיד הַנָּשֶׁה (ha-gid hanasheh, the sciatic nerve) (32:32)
  • Twice! Once from the angel (32:28) and once from God (35:10)