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Based on a sheet by Grace Gleason מבוסס על דף מקורות מאת Grace Gleason

  1. Hermits and monasteries are noticeably absent from Jewish history; we are a hopelessly communal people.

    -R. Lawrence Kushner

  2. (יג) וַיַּ֕עַשׂ חֲמִשִּׁ֖ים קַרְסֵ֣י זָהָ֑ב וַיְחַבֵּ֨ר אֶת־הַיְרִעֹ֜ת אַחַ֤ת אֶל־אַחַת֙ בַּקְּרָסִ֔ים וַֽיְהִ֥י הַמִּשְׁכָּ֖ן אֶחָֽד׃ (ס)

    (13) And they made fifty gold clasps and coupled the units to one another with the clasps, so that the Tabernacle became one whole.
  3. The one who made the Holy Ark itself was unable to feel superior to the one who made the courtyard tent pegs.


    - Mei HaShiloach on Exodus 36:13

    R. Mordechai Yosef Leiner, the Itzbitzer Rebbe

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