Learning Tip #3: What is This Text?
The Sefaria library consists of hundreds of texts and authors. During the course of studying, you and your students are bound to discover a text that you aren't familiar with.
Students can get in the habit of learning about new texts by opening "About this Text" in the resource panel. They will find a short summary of the book, when and where it was written, and the name of the author.

Learning About a Text

In this example, the class is studying Talmud Bavli, Berakhot 2a and they discover Melkhilta d'Rabbi Yishmael in the connections. They aren't familiar with the text so they open "About this Text" and read a short summary.

Learning About an Author

In our next example, the students read about the Mishneh Torah and see that it was written by Rambam. To learn more about Rambam, they can click on his name which takes them to Rambam's author page.