Parashah Scavenger Hunt שְׁאֵלוֹת הַשָּׁבוּעַ

Welcome to Devash's Parashah Scavenger Hunt for Parashat Va'ra!
Aliyah 1 (Shemot 6:2-13)
  • What name of God was familiar to Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov?
  • In this aliyah, who hears, and who doesn’t hear?
Aliyah 2 (Shemot 6:14-28)
  • How old was Amram when he died, and who in this aliyah also lived to the exact same age?
  • Who is married to Aharon?
Aliyah 3 (Shemot 6:29-7:7)
  • How many years older than Moshe was Aharon?
  • According to God, what will מִצְרַיִם(Mitzrayim, Egypt) come to know?
Aliyah 4 (Shemot 7:8-8:6)
  • What did the frogs have in common with dough?
  • How long did the plague of blood last?
Aliyah 5 (Shemot 8:7-18)
  • What did the magicians call the plague of כִּנִּים (kinnim, lice)?
  • Which place will not be affected by עָרֹב (arov, the plague of wild animals)?
Aliyah 6 (Shemot 8:19-9:16)
  • What body part is used to describe דֶּבֶר (dever, pestilence)?
  • How did the plague of שְׁחִין (sh’hin, boils) start?
Aliyah 7 (Shemot 9:17-35)
  • Two crops survived the בָּרָד (barad, hail)—what were they?
  • What was special about wheat and spelt?
Look anywhere in the parashah to find the answer to these questions!
  • Which plagues in our parashah did Aharon help bring about?
  • For which plagues in our parashah does the Torah specify that the land of Goshen, where Benei Yisrael lived, was unaffected?
  • In this parashah, which two people lived to the same age?
  • What was the first plague that the Egyptian magicians were unable to mimic?
From the Haftarah (Yehezkel 28:25-29:21)
  • What proud boast does Pharaoh express?
Scroll down to see the answers!
Aliyah 1
  • אֵ-ל שַׁ-דָּי/El Shaddai (6:3)
  • God hears Benei Yisrael’s moaning (6:5), Benei Yisrael do not hear (or listen to) Moshe’s message to them (6:9)
Aliyah 2
Aliyah 3
  • Three (7:7)
  • “That I am God” (7:5)
Aliya 4
  • They were both in kneading bowls (7:28)
  • Seven days (7:25)
Aliyah 5
  • אֶצְבַּע אֱלֹהִים (etzba Elohim, the finger of God) (8:15)
  • Goshen (8:18)
Aliyah 6
  • A hand - יַד יהוה (yad Hashem, the hand of God) (9:3)
  • Moshe threw soot into the air in front of Pharaoh (9:10)
Aliyah 7
  • חִטָּה and כֻּסֶּמֶת (hittah and kussemet, wheat and spelt) (9:32)
  • They survived the plague of hail (9:32)
From anywhere in the parashah
  • דָּם (dam, blood; 7:19-20), צְפַרְדֵּעַ (tzfardei’a, frogs; 8:1-2), כִּנִּים (kinnim, lice; 8:12-13), שְׁחִין (sh’hin, boils; 9:8-9)
  • עָרֹב (arov, wild animals; 8:18); דֶּבֶר (dever, pestilence; 9:4-7); בָּרָד (barad, hail; 9:26)
  • Levi and Amram — 137 years (6:16, 6:20)
  • Lice (8:14)
  • “The river is mine and I created it for myself” (Yehezkel 29:3)