Sefaria Torah Tab

Want to learn a little Torah every time you open a new tab? With our Torah Tab extension, you can follow a certain Jewish text or select "Random" to encounter a different text each time.

Try it for yourself! Install Torah Tab for Chrome or Firefox.

Here's an example of what Torah Tab might offer you: You open a new tab, and Torah Tab presents a random passage from the Sefaria library. In the above screenshot, the passage is Deuteronomy 20:19.

When Random is selected, you may receive a passage from any textual category in the library.

If you select a different category in the top bar, Torah Tab will display the passage associated with that text's learning schedule. For example, if you select Parasha​​​​​​​, Torah Tab will show you the current week's Torah portion. If you read part of the Torah portion, Torah Tab will save your place for you to continue reading the next time you open a new tab.