The Evil Inclination (Kreuzberg Kollel Commentary on Sukkah 52)

Evil Inclination / יֵצֶר הַרַע‎

Nathalia Schomerus

I never slipped, it slipped through me.

An avalanche came down and all it left was debris.

The mountain that bore it, to you it is a strain of hair.

Swiftly it subdued my body; I call it suffocation, you call it an affair.

A spider web ensnared its prey,

If only I could un-look, un-joke, un-hint, un-stray.

Webs turned into wagon ropes, trust broken beyond repair,

While guilt and shame eat me alive, rope marks on my wrists turn ecstasy into despair.

While you lament, fight, tear your clothes,

I sacrifice myself in the temple I destroyed.

In seventy tongues beseeching you, נָא, show רַחְמָנּות.

A plea for mercy undeserved; נָאָ-פֶת, you sigh, there is no חֵן in רַמָאוּת.