The Other Side of the Coin - 7B The Workplace Cauldron - Shine or be Smelted

...כאשר יש לבעל האדמה לחרש אותה ולנקותה מן הקוצים ולזרעה ולהשקותה אם יזדמנו לו מים, ויבטח על הבורא יתברך להפרותה ולשמרה מן הפגעים ותרבה תבואתה ויברך אותה הבורא ...

What we have explained for matters of life and death, also applies to the duty to pursue means for health, food, clothing, shelter, good habits and distancing from their opposite - (to engage in them) while firmly believing that the means to these things do not help at all in attaining them, without the decree of the Creator. Then, when a farmer must plow his field, clear it from weeds, and to sow it, and water it, when rainwater is not available, let him trust in the Creator to make it fertile, and to protect it from plagues, to increase and to bless the crops. And it is not proper to leave the land unworked and unsowed and to trust G-d and rely on His decree that it will grow fruit without being sown first.

(ד) הוא היה אומר, עשה רצונו כרצונך, כדי שיעשה רצונך כרצונו ובטל רצונך מפני רצונו, כדי שיבטל רצון אחרים מפני רצונך.

(4) He used to say: do His will as though it were your will, so that He will do your will as though it were His. Set aside your will in the face of His will, so that he may set aside the will of others for the sake of your will. Hillel said: do not separate yourself from the community, Do not trust in yourself until the day of your death, Do not judge your fellow man until you have reached his place. Do not say something that cannot be understood [trusting] that in the end it will be understood. Say not: ‘when I shall have leisure I shall study;’ perhaps you will not have leisure.

(ג) בטל רצונך מפני רצונו. של הקב"ה:

(3) Nullify your will to His will: of the Holy One, blessed be He.

(ד) כדי שיבטל רצון אחרים מפני רצונך: כלומר, שיפר עצת אויביך ודבריהם ומחשבותיהם ולא יקומו מפניך, כי עמך אל.

(4) so that He will nullify the will of others to your will:

אבל העקר אשר בעבורו יהיה הבטחון מן הבוטח ואם יפקד לא ימצא הבטחון הוא שיהיה לבו בטוח במי שיבטח בו שיקיים מה שאמר ויעשה מה שערב ויחשב עליו הטוב במה שלא התנה לו ולא ערב עשוהו שיעשהו נדבה וחסד.

But the main factor, which leads one to trust in the one trusted, and without which trust cannot exist, is for one's heart to be confident that the one trusted will keep his word and will do what he pledged, and that he will also think to do what is good for him even on what he did not pledge out of pure generosity and kindness (this will be explained).