Sefaria Library: Deep Dive Webinar June 2021

Rachel Buckman | Sr. Education Associate

Loren Berman | Outreach & Engagement Associate

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  1. What is Sefaria?

    1. Sefaria is a digital library of Jewish texts with tools that are meant to give these texts new life.

    2. Texts are linked together and lead the reader to ancient and modern texts.

    3. To learn more about Sefaria, click here.

  2. Finding a specific text on Sefaria

    1. Type the name of the text in the search bar.

    2. Use the autocomplete feature to find the text.

  3. Sefaria’s texts are interconnected

    1. To find connections on the Sefaria database, simply click on the text and read. With each click, a side panel will open with a list of resources from within the database.

    2. For more information, click here.

  4. The Table of Contents (TOC)

    1. The TOC allows you to navigate easily through the text, learn about the book, and see all of the versions of the text available on Sefaria.

    2. To open the TOC, click on the name of the work in the header.

  5. The Library Page

    1. An entry for exploring the Sefaria library is through the library page.

    2. Sefaria’s works are sorted into categories.

    3. Sefaria provides a calendar of common cycles of daily study.

  6. The Topics page

    1. Type a keyword into the search bar and click on the word, prefaced by a #, in the dropdown menu.

    2. Key texts and sheets for the topic are listed. Open a text or sheet by clicking on it.

  7. Learning about the Authors

    1. What is the author’s full name? Where and when did the author live? What else did the author write?

    2. Information about the authors is found in the author pages.

  8. Updates and Requests

    1. Sefaria’s library is always growing. Updates are posted in “New Editions” and on the notification button next to the profile icon.

    2. We have created a form to collect requests for texts. Please add your requests to the form. It's important to keep in mind that many texts have copyright restrictions which limit our ability to put everything on the site.

  9. Sefaria accounts

    1. Sefaria accounts are free and easy to create. For more information, click here.

    2. Having a Sefaria account allows you to:

      • Create sheets

      • Take notes

      • Track your learning with our Torah Tracker

      • Save text and sheets

      • View your reading history

      • Use Chavruta

Important links

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