Learn Torah with 7 Award-Winning Scholars

Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Don’t miss our newest opportunity to learn with award-winning scholars! Over the past few months, the Sefaria learning department sat down with seven extraordinary people to learn some Torah and have a conversation. The result? Seven amazing video and audio recordings for you to enjoy.

Hear personal stories, beautiful insights, and real-world connections to Torah in these 30-minute Shavuot-themed text studies. Interesting and accessible to people of all backgrounds, you’re bound to find something you can relate to or learn from.

Judge Ruchie Freier, Sefaria Torah Talks: Shavuot 5781

Regardless of where you were born, into which community you were born, the Torah is available for you the same way.

Highlights from the collection:

  • Dan Ariely, a world-renowned psychologist and behavioral economist, discusses a Jewish tale and how rituals can help us become the people we want to be.
  • Emily Bazelon, bestselling author and podcast host, reflects on the transmission of Torah and a famous piece of Talmud where Moses appears in Rabbi Akiva's classroom.
  • Noah Feldman, a Harvard Law professor and former Supreme Court Clerk, shares his interpretation of a text that explores the contradictory and cyclical nature of the world.
  • Deborah Lipstadt, Holocaust historian and activist, shares her favorite texts on Abraham, Esther, justice, and responsibility, as well as personal moments around her Torah study and activism.