Bo: The Eighth Plague--Cute Grasshoppers Fill the Land

This sheet on Genesis 10 was written by Pardes for 929 and can also be found here

An Interactive Parsha Experience, a new family-friendly parsha resource, complete with a parsha summary, questions, games, and activities that can be used around the shabbat table. This interactive resource, produced by The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, is engaging for all ages.

As this week’s parsha, Bo begins, God decides to step it up with the plagues against Egypt, and sends an even worse plague than the previous ones: a plague of locusts. Not to be mistaken with grasshoppers, these locust swarm and destroy. In order to try and understand how something as small and seemingly slight as a grasshopper/locust can destroy the entire land of Egypt, go ahead and download and print this week’s Interactive Parsha Experience.

And for your older children: Actions Speak Louder than Words! The Parsha Discussion on Bo.

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