Finding Ruth: A Shavuot Scavenger Hunt
There is a custom to read the book of Ruth on Shavuot. In this scavenger hunt, you will travel through the book of Ruth and pick up pieces of information that will help you to understand the story and see how it is connected to other parts of the Tanakh. At the end, you will learn who Ruth's famous descendant is and exactly how they are connected.
Clues about aspects of the book of Ruth will be given. Find the verse that contains the answer. Click on the text to open the resource panel and click on "Sheets". Find a sheet with the title "Finding Ruth". It will have the next clue. Continue from clue to clue until you find the famous person at the end. Happy hunting!
License by Pixabay
Clue #1
Start at the beginning of the book of Ruth.
  • Read the first 5 verses.
  • Draw a family tree based on the verses that you read. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just jot something down and save it for later in the scavenger hunt.
  • What book of the Tanakh is mentioned in the first verse? (Hint: look at the Hebrew)
  • Go to the first verse of the book, click on it to open the resource panel, and find the sheet for clue #2.