Studying With a Partner: A Chavruta Tutorial

Is there a way to study face-to-face with someone else on Sefaria?

Yes! Our newest feature, Chavruta, allows you to connect with another Sefaria user to study a text.

How does Chavruta work?

Pick a text that you would like to study, open Chavruta, invite a friend to study with you, and start learning!

Can I use Chavruta on the app?

No, Chavruta only works on the website.

Ok, but how do I do it, step-by-step?

  1. Both study partners log into their Sefaria accounts. For information about creating a free Sefaria account, click here.
  2. Open the text in the Sefaria library that you would like to study.
  3. Click on the text to open the sidebar and scroll down to select "Chavruta".

4. Click the "Start Call" button.

5. Copy and send the link to your chevruta (partner).

When your partner enters the URL, you will be matched with each other and can begin studying.

You and your partner will each have your own screen opened to the same text. The screens aren't linked so you can each explore as you wish as you study together.

Can we change the text in the middle of the session?

Yes. The entire Sefaria library is available to you. Use the text section exactly as you would normally.