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Getting ready to study the weekly parasha (Torah reading)? There is tons of information about the parasha on Sefaria. In this scavenger hunt, you will discover how to find the parasha and so much more.

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  3. Highlight the title on the new sheet and add your name.
  4. Read each clue and add the answer to the sheet.
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Scavenger Hunt

1. Find this week’s Torah portion on the calendar - write the name of the Parasha below.

2. Which category on the library page would you click to find the Torah?

3. Click on Tanakh (Bible) on the library page. What are the 3 sections of the Tanakh? Write the names below.

4. Find a sheet in the Sefaria library that is about a Parasha - Type the name of a Parasha in the search bar and open the topics page. (Topics pages begin with #) Click on Sheets and write the name of a sheet that interests you.

5. What information can you find on a Parasha topic page? Open the topic page for any Parasha. Look around the page. What kinds of links do you notice? Write down at least 3 different links.

6. When the Torah is read on Shabbat morning, it is divided into seven sections called "aliyot". A different person is honored with coming up to the Torah and saying a blessing before and after the aliyah is read. In the table of contents, the aliyot are indicated and you can navigate directly to the aliyah of your choice.

Open the table of contents of the book of Genesis. Click on “Parasha”. What is the first verse of the 5th aliyah in Toldot?

7. Open the table of contents of the book of Genesis by clicking on the name "Genesis" in the header. Open chapter 27. What is the first verse?

8. Type “Exodus 3:4” in the search bar. What is Moses’s response to God?

9. Each Shabbat, the reading of a section from Prophets (Nevi'im) follows the Torah reading. This is called the "Haftarah". The weekly Haftarah can be found on the calendar.

What book is this week's Haftarah taken from?

10. How many books of the Tanakh (the entire Bible, not just the Torah) are named for a person?

The Takeaway

What is one way that you think you will use Sefaria in school this year?

Just for Fun

The Sefaria logo looks like this:

Design a logo that could be used by your class for all of your Sefaria work. Create the logo on the computer or draw it on a piece of paper and add it to the sheet below. Click on "Media" and add the file or picture of your drawing.