Social Justice and Jewish Texts: A Lesson Plan Bootcamp

How might we inspire our students to think deeply about the Jewish roots of core social justice ideals?

How might we incorporate foundational texts into the conversations that we most want to have in this moment?

Part I: Finding Texts and Inspiration on Sefaria

  • Topics pages surface relevant texts even for concepts that are never mentioned directly in traditional texts
  • Sheets are a library of other people's materials to mix and match and use in your classroom
  • Consider a collection of your core texts that can be used by others in your organization (or for you to return to!), with groups or saved texts.

Part II: Building our Resources

  • Library, Sheets, and Google docs can all be effective ways to present your materials
  • Consider setting, age, and access
  • What other media will you include?

Credit: Original image can be found here. Pixabay License, Free for commercial use, No attribution required.

Part III: Today's Sandbox - Your Lesson Plan!

  • Select a core aspect of social justice to anchor your lesson
  • Who are you building for? What considerations do you need to keep in mind?

Part IV: Sharing and Reflecting

  • What did you learn?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What resources do you need to move forward?