In case you missed it... Tech Updates July 2020

We work hard to bring you a continually better user experience on Sefaria. Here is a roundup of some tech and product updates we have made during the first half of 2020.

Profile Pictures

We admit it. Our old profile photo system was a pain! So we changed it up – making it easier to complete your profile by adding a photo. Instead of going into Edit Profile, simply hover over your photo inside your profile and click Upload New. Then choose a file from your computer and click Open. No need to sign-up or sign-in to Gravatar, no extra steps.

We encourage you to complete your profile today by adding a photo and a short bio to help other Sefaria users get to know you.

Sidebar Dictionary Word Look-up

We made it easier to look up specific words from inside the library. Find the dictionary by clicking on a text to bring up the resources sidebar, then scroll down until you find Dictionaries. You can type in Hebrew using your computer's Hebrew keyboard or click on the keyboard icon in the search bar and type on the virtual Hebrew keyboard.

New FAQs Group

We created a new group dedicated to Sefaria’s FAQs to replace our previous, outdated FAQ hosted on GitHub. Inspired by the questions we heard from you on [email protected] – we created over a dozen sheets dedicated to taking you through how to use different features and navigate the library step-by-step. Browse the group to get your questions answered – or even learn something you might not have known to ask.

Translations in the Sidebar

You can easily switch which translation you are viewing directly in the sidebar. While this feature isn't new, we renamed it from Versions to Translations to make it more clear what the feature can do for you.