I'd like to tell you a story about

reincarnation once there was a person

who went to the Baal Shem Tov the Baal

Shem Tov was the great kabbalist and he

said to him you know Kabbalist I have so

many problems can you help me I don't

know what to do

and the Kabbalist looks at him and says

you know I really can't help you here

but if you go to this town and you ask

for this certain man you'll be able to

solve your problems and the man looks at

the Baal Shem Tov completely baffled

doesn't know what's going on he asked

him for help he's a great kabbalist why

can't he help him but he says you know

what I'm gonna go to the town I have

nothing to lose I have so many problems

so much money I owe so much chaos that I

can't lose anything so the man goes to

this town and he goes into this inn that

everyone's there and he starts asking do

you know this person and nobody knows

him so he goes to the center of town he

goes to the library he goes to where the

people are eating he asks all over the

town does anybody know this person and

nobody knows him finally he's so upset

he's so baffled he sits on the street on

the corner and he's thinking what can I

do you know I really need to find an

answer to all my problems and it's

getting cold so he decides to go inside

and he starts eating and drinking and

he's trying to think trying to

understand why the cab was sent him to

this town then all of a sudden he sees

this old man and he starts telling him a

story and he says to the man I don't

know why I'm telling you this but I'm

wondering if you know this man and the

man says yes I I know him I know who he


come with me and they start walking in

the middle of town and all of a sudden

he sees that he's going to a graveyard

and the man takes him to the graveyard

and says this is the man that you're

looking for

and the man is so baffled he doesn't

understand the Kabul has sent me to look

for a dead man he's not even alive how

is he gonna help me with my problems

I don't understand him it's very very

baffling so he says you know what I

really need to understand this I'm gonna

go back I'm gonna write everything

that's on the grave and I'm gonna go

back to my teacher and I'm gonna ask him

you know why did you send me there so he

takes the trip back it takes a day or

two of course and he says to his teacher

you know you sent me to a dead person I

thought you were sending me to somebody

who could help me but I found out that

he passed away almost 60 years ago and

the cowboy says to him and how old are

you and the man says I'm 55 and he's

thinking to himself the baal shem tov

his saying uh 55 and what did you find

out about this person and he says well i

found out that he was very stingy he was

a very mean he didn't like helping

people and he used to take a lot of

money from people a lot of interest on

their money and he would never have

mercy for anybody a lot of people had

owed him money and everybody hated him

and that's why they buried him at the

end of town at the end of the graveyard

the baal shem tov looks at the man and

says that man buried in that graveyard

60 years ago and you're 55 do you see

the connection all of a sudden it falls

all of a sudden he understands the

connection he was that man what does

this come to teach us people ask why do

good things happen to bad people why do

bad things happen to good people we

never see the whole the whole story we

never see things from a past lifetime we

have a chance to give we have a chance

to love this man who died 60 years ago

was cheap

was mean didn't care about people let's

find it in our hearts to take every

moment and care about someone a lot of

the stories that I read are from someone

by the name of Shlomo Carlebach he had

many many many stories and usually those

stories are from hundreds of years ago

about the famous Kabbalists but I found

something that he spoke about in our

time and he says you know once they

invited me to Florida to give a lecture

and sing he used to sing used to play

guitar and bring a lot of joy and

happiness he says once they invited me

to a place in Florida for a convention

on the environment and how to save the

environment and I sat there and I was

watching them and I was listening to

them and they were so worried about

pollution in the air and how we need to

keep the world clean and they were so

mad each of them they were so mad at

each other they would get up and talk

and they would just scream at each other

and when I went up stage this is what

she'll McCarley bajas saying when I went

on stage he said to them you know you

guys are so worried about your

environment you're so worried about the

physical environment about the the

cleanliness of the air but you have to

know that the air is also polluted with

anger it ruins the air when the air is

full of anger in the world when the air

is full of terrible negative words in

the world our souls get affected and

because you were invited me here to sing

I need you to understand the world is

filled with anger if we take a moment

and we try to clean the air one of the

ways that we can clean the air is by

speaking good about each other

about looking for the good in things

about being positive that's how you

cleanse the air if you enjoy singing if

you enjoy laughing if you help each

other laugh if you start clapping and

enjoying your cleansing the air remember

it's not just about the physical

cleansing and making sure that our

factories and our places don't pollute

the air it's about being able to enjoy

each other being able to find a good

word about each other

that's what can help clean the air and

really make it a better place

and he kept keeps on going and he's

telling a story about a great kabbalist

who was with his pupils his students and

they were talking about different

spiritual things and they were in such

euphoria they were so happy that they

were connecting to the Creator they

never felt anything like this it was

almost being high on the holy words and

they were so sure that that's it they

got rid of all chaos and it's the ends

of time and everything is fine one of

them all of a sudden got up and said you

know what I really think I feel like

it's the end of time and everything is

going to be fine now and the Kabbalist

that was teaching them says you know

what wait let me go to the window

let me check he goes outside and he

comes back and he says you know I'm so

sorry but the air is still full of

hatred the air is still full of anger

and his students say but how can that be

how is it that you are such on a high

level that you can feel when the air is

still like that

can't you just clean everything can't

you just make it go away and he says to

them he says to him you know the place

that you're sitting at is full of love

and full of purity but when you go

outside you feel all the hatred

so if you're able to go outside and take

that love take that purity that's here

in the room and not let anything affect

you but be able to spread it that's when

the time of the end of chaos will come