Finding the Afikoman: A Haggadah Scavenger Hunt
Where is the afikoman? We have hidden it at the end of this scavenger hunt! Clues will be given for something that is mentioned in the Passover haggadah. Find the section or verse that contains the answer. Click on the text to open the resource panel and click on "Sheets". Find a sheet with the title "Find the Afikoman". It will have the next clue. Continue from clue to clue until you find the afikoman at the end. Happy searching!
Clue #1
The rabbis in B'nai Brak discussed the story of Passover in such depth and for so long that their students had to tell them that it was time to say a morning prayer.
The story of the rabbis of B'nai Brak is found in the haggadah.
What is the name of the prayer? To discover the next clue, find the words of the prayer in the Torah. (Hint: Once you know the name of the prayer, you can use the search bar to find it in the Torah.)
The Sages of Bnei Brak from the collection of the National Library of Israel