So, You'd Like to Know About ... Explaining Your Favorite Part of the Seder
Credit: Ofir.1970, Israeli Jewish Passover, Cropped by Sefaria Education, CC BY-SA 3.0
Choose a section of the Seder to research in depth.
Resources available on Sefaria include:
Steps for researching a section of the seder.
  1. Begin with the Haggadah text and research its origins in rabbinic texts.
  2. Make a list of questions that arise from the texts.
  3. Read Haggadah commentaries
  4. Read Mishnah and Talmud commentaries
  5. Search the internet for information
  6. Refer to Haggadahs that you may have in the house
Steps for presenting your research
  1. Think of a main idea that you would like to present about your section of the Haggadah
  2. Using the texts that you found in your research, lead those reading or listening to your explanation through an exploration of the meaning of the section.
  3. Write guiding questions between the texts for your audience to discuss or reflect on.
  4. Suggest how this section can be relevant to today.
  5. Add a conclusion at the end which sums up your understanding of the section of the Haggadah.
  6. Add images or videos to enhance the sheet.
Click here for instructions for creating a sheet on Sefaria.