How Do I Select a Language?

How do I switch between the English and Hebrew websites?

There are two ways to switch between the sites.

If you are logged in:

Switch between the English and Hebrew websites by clicking the desired language in the footer.

Click on "Hebrew" or "עברית" to select your preferred site.

If you are not logged in:

Click on the down arrow next to the globe in the top corner of the screen. Select "עברית" or "English".

Can I change the language on the library page too?

The Aא button changes the language here too.

How do I change the language of the text?

Clicking on the Aא button will open a menu which includes the option to view the text in Hebrew, English or Hebrew/English. It is important to remember that not all texts are translated into English. If you are in bilingual mode and you open a text that isn't translated, it will only display the Hebrew text.

How do I set my language preferences on the app?

On the iOS and Android apps, you can change the texts as shown above.

You can also set the language for the app through "settings".

Select the language that you would like the texts displayed in and the language of the app.

You are still able to override your settings for a particular text by using the Aא button.