The Ultimate Lag BaOmer Resource List

Only 49 days between Pesach and Shavuot, and there’s so much to teach about!

We have the customs and laws of counting the Omer, the deeper significance of the count, the celebration of Lag BaOmer--and that’s before you even start preparing for Shavuot! No matter your focus, Sefaria has the texts and sheets to help you teach all the way through day 49

  • Check out Sefaria’s Lag BaOmer 101 sheet for foundational texts to support you and your students as you prepare for this mini-holiday.

  • Consider teaching Lag BaOmer through music this year with lyrics and videos on Lag BaOmer songs.

  • Explore the deeper meaning of counting the Omer with These Seven Weeks.

  • In anticipation of receiving the Torah, investigate the tension between Torah and worldly affairs through one of the famous stories of Lag BaOmer in Sara Wolkenfeld's source sheet Growing Grain or Learning Torah?

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While you count, don’t forget that Sefaria is already fully stocked with resources for Shavuot. Try our topics feature or search for the keyword of your choice from the homepage. And stay tuned for fun and interactive Sefaria events for the holiday!