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Masora Year 2 ( Review of Big Idea #1)

Source Sheet by Gina Fass
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Created September 4, 2015 · 777 Views · נוצר 4 September, 2015 · 777 צפיות ·

  1. (א) אם אינן מכירין אותו, משלחין אחר עמו להעידו. בראשונה היו מקבלין עדות החדש מכל אדם. משקלקלו המינין, התקינו שלא יהו מקבלין אלא מן המכירים.

    (ב) בראשונה היו משיאין משואות. משקלקלו הכותים, התקינו שיהו שלוחין יוצאין.

    (ג) כיצד היו משיאין משואות, מביאין כלנסאות של ארז ארכין וקנים ועצי שמן ונערת של פשתן וכורך במשיחה, ועולה לראש ההר ומצית בהן את האור ומוליך ומביא ומעלה ומוריד עד שהוא רואה את חברו שהוא עושה כן בראש ההר השני, וכן בראש ההר השלישי.

    (1) If [the judges] didn't know [the witness], others were sent with him to testify about him. At first, testimony about the new moon was received from any one; [but] from when the heretics corrupted [and bribed witnesses to lie], it was ordained, that [testimony] should be received only of those witnesses who were known.

    (2) At first, bonfires were lighted on the tops of the mountains [to transmit the appearance of the new moon]; but when the Cutheans [the Samaritans] corrupted [the process], it was ordained that messengers should be sent out.

    (3) How were these mountain fires lighted? They brought long staves of cedar wood, and shoots, and sticks from oil trees, and the scraps of flax, which were [all] tied on the top of [the staves] with twine; [with these, the court's agent] went to the top of the mountain, and lighted the fire; and waved them to and fro, upward and downward, until he could see his fellow, [and] that [the latter] was doing the same on the top of the next mountain; and so too, [this process was repeated with regards to the next fellow] on the top of the third mountain.

  2. 1.What do we see in the sky on the beginning of the new Jewish month? What is that part of the moon cycle called?

    2.According to the Mishnah, how is the new month announced? 

    4.What are the requirements for a witness and their testimony?

    5.What is a beit din and what is their job?

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