Exodus 22:5
כִּי תֵצֵא אֵשׁ וּמָצְאָה קֹצִים וְנֶאֱכַל גָּדִישׁ אוֹ הַקָּמָה אוֹ הַשָּׂדֶה שַׁלֵּם יְשַׁלֵּם הַמַּבְעִר אֶת הַבְּעֵרָה:
When a fire is started and spreads to thorns, so that stacked, standing, or growing grain is consumed, the person who started the fire must make restitution. [JPS translation]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What are the parameters of our responsibility for damage that we cause?

2. What are the implications of this text to broader situations of unintentional damage in today's global context?

Time Period: Biblical (early ancestors to 165 BCE)