Tosefta, Gittin 3:13
תוספתא מסכת גיטין ג:יג
עיר שיש בה ישראל וגוים הפרנסין גובין מישראל ומגוים מפני דרכי שלום מפרנסין עניי גוים עם עניי ישראל מפני דרכי שלום.
A city that has Jews and non-Jew, the communal tzedakah-organizers collect from Jews and non-Jews for the sake of the ways of peace, and support poor non-Jews along with poor Jews for the sake of the ways of peace.

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. How does this text reflect how Jewish communities deal with tzedakah today?

2. Do you give to Jews and non-Jews equally? Do you believe that you should? How should the Jewish community divide tzedakah?

3. How might this text differ in Israel as opposed to America?

Time Period: Rabbinic (Maccabees through the Talmud)