Daniel J. Elazar, “Foreign Workers: New Trend in Migration” (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs), http://www.jcpa.org.
“Israel has a unique opportunity in that it has a choice between workers from different cultures and workers of a similar culture who need employment close at hand. We need to weigh that choice, its costs, its benefits, and how the benefits can be gained while minimizing the costs. That is part of a considered approach to globalization, an approach that Israel needs to cultivate in many fields, neither rushing headlong and unthinkingly into global homogenization nor isolating ourselves from it. The issue of foreign workers is already upon us. Only if we act immediately do we have any chance of dealing with that issue in a way that will meet our needs without doing untold damage to our social fabric.”

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. Can Israel keep up with the increasingly globalized world without the use

of foreign/migrant workers?

2. Is Israel's identity compromised by exploitation? How can Israel ensure it has fair labor practices?

Time Period: Contemporary (The Yom Kippur War until the present-day)