Leviticus 19:14
1 א
ויקרא פרק יט:יד
לֹא תְקַלֵּל חֵרֵשׁ וְלִפְנֵי עִוֵּר לֹא תִתֵּן מִכְשֹׁל וְיָרֵאתָ מֵּאֱלֹהֶיךָ אֲנִי יְקֹוָק:
You shall not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling-block before the blind, but you shall fear thy God: I am the LORD. [JPS translation]
3 ג

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What are further implications of this verse?

2. What are the "aseh" (active) mitzvot following this "lo ta'aseh" (passive, or "thou shalt not") verse?

4 ד
Time Period: Biblical (early ancestors to 165 BCE)