Jane Kanarek, " What does Tikkun Olam Actually Mean?" in Righteous Indignation: A Jewish call for Justice. eds Rabbi Or N. Rose, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, and Margie Klein (Vermont: Jewish Lights Publishing, 2008) P. 19
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Tikkun ha'olam is a phrase that drives legal decisions. It reflects an understanding that part of the law's purpose is to create a more just society, rather than a perfect one... Tikkun Ha'olam may be translated and understood as a recalibration of the world, a recognition that the world is out of balance and that legal remedies are needed in order to readjust the world to a better balance. The focus is not so much on the power of an individual to effect change, but rather on the power of law to correct systematic injustice.
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Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. Why is advocacy such an important aspect of social justice work?

2. According to Rabbi Kanarek, how can I as an individual fulfill the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam?

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Time Period: Contemporary (The Yom Kippur War until the present-day)