Yalkut Shimoni 897
ילקוט שמעוני תתצז
אמרו עליו על הלל הזקן שלקח לעני בן טובים אחד סוס לרכוב עליו ועבד לרוץ לפניו, פעם אחת לא מצא עבד לרוץ לפניו ורץ הוא לפניו שלשה מילין
They said of Hillel the Elder, that he bought a horse for a poor person of rich parentage to ride upon, and a slave to run in front of him. One time he could not find a slave to run before him, so he himself ran before him for three miles. [translated by Mechon Hadar]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What is the inspiration behind this tremendous investment in raising the standard of living of the poor?

2. Is there irony in hiring a slave to alleviate another person's poverty? In a great sage demeaning himself in public for them?

Time Period: Biblical (early ancestors to 165 BCE)