Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat, p. 113a-b
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תלמוד בבלי מסכת שבת דף קיג עמוד א-ב
2 ב
+ישעיהו נח+ וכבדתו מעשות דרכיך, וכבדתו - שלא יהא מלבושך של שבת כמלבושך של חול. וכי הא דרבי יוחנן קרי למאניה מכבדותי. מעשות דרכיך - שלא יהא הילוכך של שבת כהילוכך של חול... אלא שלא יהא הילוכך של שבת כהילוכך של חול מאי היא? … אלא: כדבעא מיניה רבי מרבי ישמעאל ברבי יוסי: מהו לפסוע פסיעה גסה בשבת? אמר לו: וכי בחול מי הותרה? שאני אומר: פסיעה גסה
And you shall honour it, not doing your own ways: 'and you shall honour it', that your Sabbath garments should not be like your weekday garments, and even as R. Johanan called his garments 'My honourers'. 'Not doing your own ways', that your walking on the Sabbath shall not be like your walking on weekdays. 'Nor finding your own affairs': your affairs are forbidden, the affairs of Heaven [religious matters] are permitted. 'Nor speaking your own words:' that your speech [conversation] on the Sabbath should not be like your speech on weekdays. 'Speaking': speech is forbidden, but thought [about mundane matters] is permitted. Now, as for all [the rest], they are intelligible; but what is meant by, 'that your walking on the Sabbath shall not be like your walking on weekdays'? — As R. Huna said in Rab's name-others state, R. Abba said in R. Huna's name: If one is walking on the Sabbath and comes to a stream of water, if he can put down his first foot before lifting the second, it is permitted; otherwise it is forbidden. Raba demurred: What shall he do? Shall he go round it? Then he increases the walking [distance]! Shall he cross it [walking through]? His garments may be soaked in water and he is led to wringing [them] out! Rather [in such a case], since it is impossible [otherwise], it is permitted [to jump across]. But [what is meant] is as Rabbi asked R. Ishmael son of R. Jose: Is it permitted to take great strides on the Sabbath? — Who then permitted it on weekdays? he replied; for I maintain that a long stride takes away a five hundredth part of a man's eyesight, and it is restored to him by the evening Kiddush. [Soncino tranlation]
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Suggested Discussion Questions:

What effect does it have to walk slowly on Shabbat?

How can slowing down physically impact a person emotionally and spiritually?

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Time Period: Rabbinic (Maccabees through the Talmud)