Avodah Zarah 12bעבודה זרה י״ב ב
The William Davidson Talmudתלמוד מהדורת ויליאם דוידסון
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12bי״ב ב
1 א

פרצופות ל"ל משום דקבעי למיתני כיוצא בו לא יניח פיו על גבי הסילון וישתה מפני הסכנה

The Gemara asks: Why do I need the baraita to teach that it is prohibited to drink from fountains formed in the figure of human faces? If the reason is to teach the halakha in a life-threatening situation, the baraita already addressed this issue in the case of the spring. The Gemara answers: It was included because the baraita wanted to teach the continuation of that halakha: Similarly, one may not place his mouth on a pipe and drink, due to the danger that this poses.

2 ב

מאי סכנה עלוקה ת"ר לא ישתה אדם מים לא מן הנהרות ולא מן האגמים לא בפיו ולא בידו אחת ואם שתה דמו בראשו מפני הסכנה מאי סכנה סכנת עלוקה

The Gemara inquires: What danger is the baraita referring to here? It is referring to the danger of swallowing a leech in the water. As the Sages taught: A person should not drink water from rivers or from ponds either by drinking from the water directly with his mouth, or by collecting the water with one hand alone. And if he drank in this manner, his blood is upon his own head, due to the danger. The Gemara explains: What is this danger? It is the danger of swallowing a leech.

3 ג

מסייע ליה לרבי חנינא דאמר רבי חנינא הבולע נימא של מים מותר להחם לו חמין בשבת ומעשה באחד שבלע נימא של מים והתיר רבי נחמיה להחם לו חמין בשבת אדהכי והכי אמר רב הונא בריה דרב יהושע ליגמע חלא

This supports the opinion of Rabbi Ḥanina, as Rabbi Ḥanina says: In the case of one who swallows a water leech [nima], it is permitted to perform labor on Shabbat and heat water for him to drink on Shabbat, as his life is in danger. And in fact there was an incident involving one who swallowed a water leech, and Rabbi Neḥemya permitted them to heat water for him on Shabbat. The Gemara asks: In the meantime, until the water is ready, what should he do? Rav Huna, son of Rav Yehoshua, said: He should swallow vinegar.

4 ד

אמר רב אידי בר אבין האי מאן דבלע זיבורא מחייא לא חיי מיהו לשקייה רביעתא דחלא שמגז אפשר דחיי פורתא עד דמפקיד אביתיה

Rav Idi bar Avin said: One who swallowed a hornet will not live, as the hornet will sting him to death. Nevertheless, they should give him a quarter-log of sharp [shamgaz] vinegar to drink. In this manner it is possible that he will live for a bit longer until he can instruct his household with regard to his final wishes before dying.

5 ה

ת"ר לא ישתה אדם מים בלילה ואם שתה דמו בראשו מפני הסכנה מאי סכנה סכנת שברירי ואם צחי מאי תקנתיה אי איכא אחרינא בהדיה ליתרייה ולימא ליה צחינא מיא ואי לא נקרקש בנכתמא אחצבא ונימא איהו לנפשיה פלניא בר פלניתא אמרה לך אימך אזדהר משברירי ברירי רירי ירי רי בכסי חיורי:

The Sages taught: A person should not drink water at night. And if he drank, his blood is upon his own head, due to the danger. The Gemara asks: What is this danger? The Gemara answers: The danger of the shavrirei, an evil spirit that rules over water. And if he is thirsty, what is his remedy? If there is another person with him, he should wake him and say to him: I thirst for water, and then he may drink. And if there is no other person with him, he should knock with the lid on the jug and say to himself: So-and-so, son of so-and-so, your mother said to you to beware of the shavrirei verirei rirei yirei rei, found in white cups. This is an incantation against the evil spirit.

6 ו

מתני׳ עיר שיש בה עבודת כוכבים והיו בה חנויות מעוטרות ושאינן מעוטרות זה היה מעשה בבית שאן ואמרו חכמים המעוטרות אסורות ושאינן מעוטרות מותרות:

MISHNA: With regard to a city in which idol worship is practiced and in which there are stores that are adorned for the sake of idol worship and there are others that are not adorned, this was in fact an incident that occurred in Beit She’an, and the Sages said: With regard to the adorned shops, it is prohibited to buy from them, but in the case of those that are not adorned it is permitted.

7 ז

גמ׳ אמר רשב"ל לא שנו אלא מעוטרות בוורד והדס דקא מתהני מריחא אבל מעוטרות בפירות מותרות מאי טעמא דאמר קרא (דברים יג, יח) לא ידבק בידך מאומה מן החרם נהנה הוא דאסור

GEMARA: Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish says: They taught that buying is prohibited only in the case of stores that are adorned with roses and myrtle, as one derives benefit from their smell and they serve as offerings to objects of idol worship. But with regard to stores that are adorned with fruit, it is permitted to buy from them. What is the reason that they are permitted? As the verse states: “And there shall cleave nothing dedicated to your hand” (Deuteronomy 13:18), i.e., the items dedicated to idol worship. From here it is derived that it is prohibited to derive benefit from idol worship,