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Mishnah Chullin 7:1 משנה חולין
The precept concerning the prohibition of eating the "sinew which shrank" [‏גיד הנשה‎] is obligatory in and out of the Holy Land, during and after the existence of the Temple, in animals slaughtered for profane use [‏חולין‎], and in respect also to consecrated sacrifices, and applies to wild and domestic animals, and to both the right and left thighs of the animal; it does not apply to fowl, since these have no "hollow in the thigh." It applies to a fœtus in embryo, and its suet [‏חלב‎] it is permitted to use. According to R. Meir, "The assertion of butchers in respect to their having removed the ‏גיד הנשה‎ is not to be relied on;" but the sages hold, "That they may be relied on in this respect, and in that of the removal of ‏חלב‎, or suet." גיד הנשה נוהג בארץ ובחוצה לארץ, בפני הבית ושלא בפני הבית, בחלין ובמקדשים.ונוהג בבהמה ובחיה, בי.רך של ימין ובי.רך של שמאל.ואינו נוהג בעוף, מפני שאין לו כף.ונוהג בשליל.רבי יהודה אומר, אינו נוהג בשליל.וחלבו מתר.ואין הטבחין נאמנין על גיד הנשה, דברי רבי מאיר.וחכמים אומרים, נאמנין עליו ועל החלב . It is lawful to send to a non-Israelite a thigh having the ‏גיד הנשה‎ yet within it, because its existence is easily ascertained. In removing the ‏גיד הנשה‎ the whole sinew must be carefully cut out. R. Jehudah saith, "It suffices if enough was removed so as to fulfil the precept." שולח אדם ירך לנכרי שגיד הנשה בתוכה , מפני שמקומו נכר.הנוטל גיד הנשה.צריך שיטול את כלו.רבי יהודה אומר, כדי לקים בו מצות נטילה. A person who eats the quantity of an olive in size of a ‏גיד הנשה‎, incurs the penalty of forty stripes. Should a person have eaten the whole of that sinew, and it was under the mentioned size, he has nevertheless incurred the same penalty. If a person eat the size of an olive of the sinews of each hip, eighty stripes are to be inflicted on him; but according to R. Jehudah, forty stripes only. האוכל מגיד הנשה כזית, סופג ארבעים.אכלו ואין בו כזית, חיב.אכל מזה כזית ומזה כזית, סופג שמונים.רבי יהודה אומר, אינו סופג אלא ארבעים. If a hip was boiled with the ‏גיד הנשה‎ within it, if that sinew was of sufficient size to impart a flavor to the hip, this latter may not be used. How is this to be calculated? In the same proportion as meat boiled with turnips. ירך שנתבשל בה גיד הנשה, אם יש בה בנותן טעם, הרי זו אסורה.כיצד משערין אותה, כבשר בלפת. When the Guid Anashé was boiled with other sinews, if that sinew can be recognised [it must be removed, and] the other sinews are prohibited, if it could have imparted a flavor to them. But when it cannot be recognised, all the sinews are prohibited. The broth [or liquid in which it is boiled] may not be used if the Guid Anashé imparted a flavor to it; and it is even so if a piece of Nebelah, or of a fish prohibited to be eaten, should have been boiled with other pieces of meat or fish allowed to be eaten: if the first mentioned pieces can be recognised, they are to be removed, and if they could have imparted a flavor to the other pieces, the latter may not be used. If they could not be recognised, all the pieces are prohibited; and thus in respect to the broth, which may not be used, if the flavor of the prohibited pieces could have been imparted to it. גיד הנשה שנתבשל עם הגידין, בזמן שמכירו, בנותן טעם.ואם לאו, כלן אסורים.והרטב, בנותן טעם.וכן חתיכה של נבלה וכן חתיכה של דג טמא שנתבשלו עם החתיכות, בזמן שמכירן, בנותן טעם.ואם לאו, כלן אסורות.והרטב בנותן טעם. The prohibition of the Guid Anashé applies to clean animals, and not to unclean ones. R. Jehudah saith, "It must be observed also in respect to unclean animals;" for he argued thus, "The Guid Anashé was prohibited since the time of the sons of Jacob [i.e. before the promulgation of the law], when it was not yet prohibited to use unclean animals as food." The sages replied, "This precept was first promulgated at Sinai, but it was written [incidentally] in its place." נוהג בטהורה, ואינו נוהג בטמאה.רבי יהודה אומר, אף בטמאה.אמר רבי יהודה, והלא מבני יעקב נאסר גיד הנשה, ועדין בהמה טמאה מתרת להן.אמרו לו, בסיני נאמר, אלא שנכתב במקומו.
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