Human Rights: The Racha On International Law, Human Rights And The Temple Mount

We have arrived at our final class. Here we’ll see how the Racha ties an explicit discourse about international law and human dignity into his Toraitic vision of a just global order. Building on the ideas of evolving civilization and democracy that we saw last class, the Racha argues that the Torah commands that we participate in a universal human discourse seeking to ensure the protection and nurturing of human life. And Jerusalem and the Temple, which constitute the heart of Judaism’s particularistic vision, are also the heart of God’s blueprint for a just global order.

Here are the sources for this class.

Here are the video lectures: Part One and Part Two.

Video Part 1:

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Lastly, I would suggest watching the introduction/overview lecture (or reading the transcript). There, if you remember, I tried to briefly describe and tie together all the elements of the course. You can find it here: Introduction.