Human Rights: Not ADAM As Elohim Acherim

In this class we will conclude our study of ADAM in the Zohar. Next class we will move onto the Rambam, and from there to Rabbi Hayyim Hirschensohn.

In this section, the Zohar focuses not on ADAM, but on Not-ADAM. In other words, the question that we’re raising this class is: what does a human being look like who does NOT realize his or her potential to be in the Image of God. By way of negative example, the Zohar’s discussion of Not-ADAM teaches us more about what ADAM means, also.

Here is the source packet for this week. Inside, you’ll find:

1) Some of the Zohar’s Rabbinic sources with study questions (on pages 1-3).

2) The text of the Zohar in the original and with Hebrew translation (on pages 5-6).

3) An English translation by Daniel Matt (on pages 7-10).

4) An alternative English translation by Isaiah Tishby (on pages 11-12).

5) And lastly, a “symbols map” that I made for this section (on page 13).

After you’ve learned the materials, you can find the video lectures here (Part One and Part Two).

Lecture Part 1:

Lecture Part 2: