Human Rights: ADAM As Loving Relationship

In this class we will continue to explore the Zohar’s conception of ADAM, but we’ll leave the Idra Rabba behind and move onto different texts from the Zohar. Both texts that we will see, this class and next, shed new light on the meaning of ADAM.

First, here are the texts that we’ll be studying this class. Here is a table of contents for the packet:

1) On pages 9-10 you’ll find a traditional version of the Zohar (the original text of the Zohar is in bold and it is surrounded by a Hebrew translation) and Daniel Matt’s English translation and commentary (from the Pritzker Edition).

2) On pages 1-4 of the packet appear most of the Biblical and Rabbinic texts that the Zohar is making use of in our section. You might say that the Zohar weaves these texts together into its message about ADAM. I suggest that you read all of these sources first, and then read the Zohar. Notice that the text of the Zohar itself appears here, too (source 7), with an English translation.

3) On page 5 appear study questions that I hope will guide you to the aspects of the source texts that are most important for understanding the Zohar.

4) On pages 6-8 appear some brief answers to the study questions (but try to answer them yourself first!)

When you’re all done with the sources (including the Zohar), here’s the video lecture (Part One, Part Two).

Lecture Part 1:

Lecture Part 2: