Human Rights: Aspects Of ADAM In The Idra New Source Sheet

In this class we will conclude our brief study of the Zohar’s Idra Rabba. Last class focused on getting a general impression of the idea of ADAM as it appears in the Idra. In this class, we’ll take a closer look at the idea of ADAM. I would like to focus on three aspects of this text that strike me as true and profound.

However, I want to emphasize that I’m not claiming to reveal the meaning of the text, but rather to build conceptual bridges to it. It seems to me that the Idra Rabba profoundly touches on aspects of humanity that are of great religious significance. But part of the power of this text, I think, is that there is so much concealed beneath the surface. In a sense, what we’re trying to do in this class is to clarify what feels true about the text rather than what the full meaning of the text might be.

Here are the three aspects:

1) Arich Anpin as the inner transcendent core of Zeir Anpin.

2) The expansion of Zeir Anpin that occurs when S/he “looks inside” to Arich Anpin.

3) The idea that all things must be integrated into ADAM and that forces which remain outside ADAM are destructive.

Our strategy for exploring these aspects will be to consider how they relate to our experience as b’nei ADAM, that is, the children of ADAM. In other words, since we are flesh and blood versions of ADAM, we’ll explore the significance of these three aspects of the ADAM in the Idra Rabba by exploring these three aspects of ourselves. We’ll do this through three exercises.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

When you’ve completed the three exercises, you can go onto to watch the video lecture for this week’s class here: Part One, Part Two.
[Please note that once in the beginning of the first video, I said “Zeir Anpin” when I meant “Arich Anpin”! If you’re confused for a moment, you’re right!]

Here’s the link to the whole Short Version Playlist.

Lecture Part 1:

Lecture Part 2: