For Times of Distress: Prayers for Israel, Israeli Soldiers, and Those in Captivity
October 11, 2023 | 26 Tishrei, 5784
The last few days have been immensely painful for the global Jewish community. At Sefaria, an organization with staff in both Israel and the United States, we are heartbroken and concerned for our family, friends, colleagues, and all those whose lives are impacted by the current violence in Israel.
In the face of loss, Jews over the generations have often found solace and spiritual power in prayer and study. The Sefaria library is here for you, and we hope it can be a source of connection and meaning amid the shock, fear, and uncertainty so many of us are feeling.
Below are some resources that may be particularly useful during this time.
  • Psalms are a significant source of Jewish liturgy and are frequently recited during times of distress. Some Psalms traditionally recited for peace in the land of Israel include Psalms 20, 120, 121, and 125.
Together, we dedicate our learning in memory of the lives lost, and with prayers for the safe return of those held captive and for everyone affected by the ongoing violence in Israel.