Reading Beyond the Rules: Nurturing the Moral Imagination An ELI Talk by Joshua Guttoff

(ט) אין לוקחים מן הרועים צמר. וחלב. וגדיים. ולא משומרי פירות. עצים ופירות. אבל לוקחין מן הנשים כלי צמר ביהודה וכלי פשתן בגליל. ועגלים בשרון. וכולן שאמרו להטמין אסור. ולוקחין ביצים ותרנגולים מכל מקום:

(9) One may not purchase wool, milk, or kids from herdsmen, or wood or produce from one who [is paid to] guard produce. However, one may buy garments of wool from women in Judea, and garments of linen from women in the Galilee, and calves from women in the Sharon. And in all cases in which [the seller] says to hide them away, it is forbidden. And one may buy eggs and fowl from any source.

A thin-striped shirt should not be combined with a thin-striped tie; however, that same thin-striped shirt will work well with a polka dot, solid, or even thick regimental striped tie as the patterns are not similar.

- The Art of Manliness (