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A piyyut or piyut (plural piyyutim or piyutim, Hebrew פּיּוּטִים / פיוטים, פּיּוּטִ / פיוט pronounced [piˈjut, pijuˈtim]; from Greek ποιητής poiétḗs "poet") is a Jewish liturgical poem, usually designated to be sung, chanted, or recited during religious services. (

"The Piyut project is centered on the global music of the Jewish people, particularly from Spain, North Africa, Iran, and Iraq. First composed in Israel in the first centuries CE, Piyut (pronounced p’YOOT) is a living tradition that tells the little-known story of how Jewish culture has been open to the world." (Piyut North America)

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(ד) הֱבִיאַ֙נִי֙ אֶל־בֵּ֣ית הַיָּ֔יִן וְדִגְל֥וֹ עָלַ֖י אַהֲבָֽה׃
(4) He brought me to the banquet room And his banner of love was over me.